Annual Membership Dues

Membership in The South Seaside Park Homeowners and Voters Association is open to all  homeowners, residents and voters of South Seaside Park.

Membership dues are $20.00 per year per household.

Initial membership dues are payable upon joining the SSPHVA.

Future membership dues will be payable on Janaury 1st.

Your membership dues will help to cover administrative (mailings, web site hosting, supplies) as well as other costs the Association incurs. 

With the progression of the de-annexation process our financial obligations for 

professional services have increased. Because of this, in addition to the annual membership dues of $20.00 (per household), at this time we are asking all member households for a $80.00 commitment fee to help us meet these expenses. 

As a "Thank You" for your support, members of the SSPHVA who have a business or offer services are invited to advertise FREE of CHARGE on our website. 

If you’d like to become a member of the South Seaside Park Homeowners and Voters Association, please click on the below link, complete the enrollment form and mail it, along with your check to the address provided.

You may also pay your dues through PayPal using any credit or debit card

Become a Member