What We're Doing

After many years of seeing the needs of our community and residents ignored by Berkeley Township and, after careful consideration, research and professional advice, we came to the conclusion that our community will be better served by becoming part of the boro of Seaside Park and are seeking to de-annex the community of South Seaside Park from Berkeley Township. 

Because this is a legal process governed by the State of New Jersey, the following necessary steps have been taken: 

An attorney has been retained who will handle the petition process and the court case.  

A petition was presented to all registered voters in South Seaside Park.

Approximately 75% agreed to proceed with the de-annexation process. Due to State law, only persons registered to vote in South Seaside Park are allowed to sign the petition. 

A municipal accountant has been retained who will compile all the data and prepare reports that show the financial impact to both Berkeley Township and Seaside Park, should the de-annexation be successful. 

A planning consultant has been retained who will compile all the data and prepare reports that show the economic and social well-being effect to both the community and residents of  South Seaside Park and Berkeley Township.
The SSPHVA Board of Directors meets throughout the year to conduct administrative duties and periodically meet with professionals in order to become well informed of the processes that affect the current and future situation of all South Seaside Park Homeowners and Voters.

We continue to monitor our community to make the Township officials aware of problems we face through various forms of contact and by attending bi-weekly town council meetings.

General meetings are held for all SSPHVA members during the months of June, July and August to discuss where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.