Frequently Asked Questions, Myths & Misconceptions

Who are we?

    The SSPHVA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit association made up of your friends and neighbors. We are both full and

    part time residents and homeowners who are concerned about our community and the overall lack of services we

    receive from Berkeley Township, our municipal government.

 What are we trying to accomplish?

    We are seeking to de-annex the community of South Seaside Park from Berkeley Township and become united

    with Seaside Park. 

 Why are we doing this?

    After many years of seeing the needs of our community and residents ignored by Berkeley Township and, after

    careful consideration, research and professional advice, we came to the conclusion that our community will be

    better served by being part of the boro of Seaside Park.

 What does Seaside Park have to offer us that Berkeley Township doesn’t?

    Roads, roadsides, beaches and bay fronts that are regularly cleaned and maintained. Garbage and recycling

    cans throughout town. Activities throughout the year for all age groups. Recreational facilities. Easy access to

    municipal offices/departments. Local municipal government that knows and understands the culture, area and

    people. Local police force. Timely notifications of weather related issues and garbage collection schedule

    changes. Cultural island community connections going back for generations, just to name a few items.


 How are we doing this?

    Because this is a legal process governed by the State of New Jersey, we have retained an attorney, municipal

    accountant and planning consultant who have compiled reports that show the economic and social well-being

    affect to the communities and residents of South Seaside Park, Berkeley Township and Seaside Park needed for

    the petition process and court case.


 When will this happen?

    In order to complete the necessary reports to present our petition, OPRA requests have been made to Berkeley

    Township which have yet to be received. As soon as the requested information has been received we will present

    the petition to Berkeley Township.

 How long will this take?

    As with any legal process, we are at the mercy of the system and the courts. Once our petition has been

    presented, Berkeley Township could have 4 months or more to make their decision. If our petition is denied, we

    will then proceed to Superior Court in Toms River, Ocean County. 

    After the County decision is handed down, it is quite possible we will then have to move on to the State Supreme

   Court, Trenton, NJ.

Where does funding come from?

    Our members are fully responsible for the funding of our efforts. 

 How much will this cost?

    We are anticipating costs of approximately $75,000.00 for professional services during the process. The SSPHVA

    also incurs additional costs for tax preparation, insurance, website hosting, postage, office supplies, etc.

    We have relied on the annual membership dues of $20.00 per year, per household to sustain us as we furthered

    the de-annexation process.  

    At this time we are asking for an additional commitment fee $80.00 per member household for the current year.

    The more members we have, the less the individual household commitment fees will be over the coming months

    and years.

 Will Seaside Park accept us?

    There is no way to guarantee that Seaside Park will accept our annexation. However, informal conversations

    have occurred with members of the Seaside Park community that indicate a positive attitude. 

If we become part of Seaside Park…..Myths and Misconceptions

 Seaside Park will install sidewalks

    While we can’t predict the future, the various setbacks and layout of our community would make installing

    sidewalks an engineering nightmare. Considering all that’s occurred, it’s highly unlikely that Seaside Park would

    pursue a project of this magnitude anytime in the foreseeable future.

 Seaside Park will meter our water

    Our water will continue to be supplied by Shore Water Company, a private company, which, as you know, does

    NOT meter our water.

 Seaside Park has height limits on fences

    Both communities have fence height limits. You must apply, pay for and then obtain a variance if you wish to go


 Seaside Park police are overzealous, they pull people over and give out tickets

    Whether we become part of Seaside Park or not, we will always have to deal with the Seaside Park police

    officers. By land, you simply can’t avoid it. As residents of Seaside Park we will have a voice there and any

    problems can be addressed at local council meetings.

    Please keep in mind that any speed over 25 MPH is considered speeding and you run the risk of being stopped

    and ticketed.

 We will have to pay Seaside Park to accept us

    The de-annexation and annexation action is a legal action that will be decided in the courts. Seaside Park cannot

    demand or request payment from our community in order to accept us.

 Seaside Park will have different regulations for rebuilding

    We anticipate this action will take several years to complete. Anyone in the process or beginning of rebuilding will

    in all likelihood be settled in their homes before the de-annexation - annexation is complete.

 I’ll lose my senior freeze and/or discount

    The senior freeze, senior discount and veteran’s discount are State issued benefits that will not be affected.


 Seaside Park’s municipal government is dysfunctional

   Being “attached” to Seaside Park, we hear and know more about what goes on in Seaside Park than we do in

   Berkeley Township. Geographically, it’s impossible not to. For example, did you know that Berkeley Township’s

   Master Plan (Berkeley Township 2008 Land Use & Circulation Elements) contains a proposal to rezone our entire

   community? Unless you’re willing to travel the 35+ miles to Berkeley Township to attend council, planning board,

   etc. meetings, most of us are unaware, until it’s too late, of what decisions are being made by our municipal 

   government that will ultimately affect us. Being part of a LOCAL municipality will enable all of us the opportunity to

   be part of the community and have an actual voice with local representation. 

 What can I do?

   If you are not yet a member of the SSPHVA, join us! 

   If you’re already a member and have not remitted your commitment fee please consider doing so. And be sure to 

   spread the word and ask your friends and neighbors to join us! Remember, the more members we have the

   stronger we will be! Having full support from the majority of the residents in our community (both full and part time)

   is important and will lessen the financial burden for each of us! 

   Let Berkeley Township know about your concerns by attending council meetings. If you can’t attend the council

   meetings contact the appropriate Berkeley Township official or department by email, mail or phone. Contact

   information and council meeting dates are available on our website, Please send us a copy of your

   correspondence and any reply you receive.